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Pre-Camp Procedures 

  1. Approximately 5 days before the start of camp, an email will be sent to the parents and staff with a pre-camp screening questionnaire regarding any COVID-19 symptoms.

  2. There will be a full refund provided up to 10 days before camp for anyone choosing not to attend.  After that, credit will be given towards summer camp if LYM staff is notified at least 24 hours prior to camp.


Check in Procedures:  

  1. All campers will need to be dropped off/picked up at the Conference Center.

  2. Campers/Staff will be screened upon arrival. Remain in your vehicle until screened.

  3. Campers only should exit the vehicle with luggage and any medication to be turned in.


Positive Symptoms at Camp: 

If a camper/staff-member shows any COVID-19 symptoms, the following actions will be taken:

  1. The individual will be isolated and placed in designated medical area.

  2.  Parent/Emergency Contact will be called immediately to come and pick up the camper.

  3. All luggage, bedding, clothing and personal belongings will be collected and aired out.

  4. The cabin of the camper/staff will be disinfected.

  5. All campers in the cabin will have a temperature screen and checked for any symptoms.

  6. Camper should be tested for COVID-19 and results reported to the LYM Director.

  7. The LYM Director will notify all camper parents if a camper has a positive COVID-19 test.


Operational Protocols 

  1. Daily temperature screenings will be conducted.

  2. Additional hand washing stations will be made available.

  3. Showers, Cabins, and common areas will be sanitized daily.

  4. Campers will be spread out for sleeping in the cabins.

  5. Activities will be held outside whenever possible.


When will face masks be used?

  1. At check-in, all LYC staff and campers should be wearing their mask.

  2. Campers should bring and wear their own face mask.  

  3. Face masks will not be required when campers/staff are appropriately able to social distance. Due to the state mask mandate, we are asking that all campers wear their mask any time physical distancing cannot be maintained.  Liberty Youth Ministries will make every effort to provide outdoor activities and/or meeting rooms and common spaces large enough to provide for adequate social distancing.  


Check-out Procedures

  1. Campers will be picked up at the Conference Center at 2pm.

  2. Parents will come to the Conference Center Parking lot and remain in their vehicles.

  3. A staff member will bring your camper and their luggage/meds to you.

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